deadline: Project Plan Viewer

deadline is/will be a software package you can use to view project plan information on your PalmOS-based PDA (Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, etc). I started development on it because I really need a way to carry around a stripped down version of my project plans with tasks that I am responsible for. A couple of packages exist for the Pilot, but they are all either not exactly what I want, or charge a fee out of line with what they offer. Besides, I needed a good excuse to work on a Palm application, and this seemed to be the best idea.

The application and its code will be distributed under the GPL, and is being developed using the very impressive set of tools based around the GCC cross compiler and pilrc, along with a number of utilites and code found at the Palm Development Tools page at Berkeley.

Soon, I will have a source tarball up here, along with CVS access and the like (assuming I am allowed to host my site on SourceForge) to the tree. Currently, there is NO working functionality, just skeleton code, but I hope to have some functionlity by the end of the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm also still learning how to code for the PalmOS, so bear with me. Some things in the code will not be very elegant as a result. :-)




The project is now available via SourceForge. The project homepage at SourceForge should be at There, you can download the source, submit bug reports, or help out with the project.

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